Questions and answers about your visit to the treetop walk

Can I take my dog?

Dogs* or any other animals are unfortunately not allowed on the walkway. 

In addition to the hygiene aspect, the safety aspect for animals and humans plays a major role in the prohibition of animals on the walkway. Although most owners might act responsibly and keep an eye on their animals, dogs can show unexpected behavior towards strangers or other animals. Fear of heights can also trigger an uncontrolled flight response in dogs. Unfortunately, the narrow path width does not offer any retreat or escape option for animals or for people who are afraid of dogs.

However, dog kennels are available at the treetop walk, which you can use free of charge. 
You can find further information at the ticket Office.

*Exception: Disabled companion and assistance dogs.

Where can I get tickets for the Treetop Walk Alsace?

Tickets can be purchased directly on site at the ticket office of the treetop walk or in advance online in the ticket shop. 
Purchasing tickets at the ticket office and admission are possible until 1 hour before the treetop walk closes. 

Click here for our admission prices, opening hours and the ticket shop!

Can I visit the treetop walk in bad weather?

Yes, the walkway is open when it rains, and it is cleared of any snow in winter. 
We only reserve the right to close the walkway for safety reasons in case of thunderstorms, hail, storms and ice. 

Are children allowed on the treetop walk?

Of course, children are allowed on the treetop walk. However, children under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by an adult. 
The walkway is also accessible, i.e. you can also comfortably access the treetop walk with a pushchair or wheelchair. 
Families benefit from a family tariff!

Can I use the treetop walk with inline skates?

Unfortunately, no! You are not allowed to use the treetop walk on inline skates, skateboards, city scooters or bicycles for safety reasons.

How long does a visit to the treetop walk take?

The treetop walk has an overall length of 1,050 metres. 
Visits can take anything between 1 and 2 hours. 

What else is there to see or do apart from visiting the treetop walk?

After exciting discoveries on the treetop walk you can relax in our restaurant "Chez Emile" with winter garden and terrace. There you can enjoy a fresh, regional cuisine.

Are there car parking spaces for people with disabilities?

Two parking spaces for people with disabilities are available next to the entrance to the treetop walk.
Please contact us by phone in advance: +33 3 69 50 86 00.

Is the treetop walk accessible with a wheelchair or pushchair?

The access point, the treetop walk and the View Tower are all designed to be accessible.

The walkway has a maximum gradient of 6 %, and can therefore also be used by wheelchair users or parents with pushchairs. 
There are several level resting areas along the way.

Are there accessible toilets on the treetop walk?

Disabled toilets are available at our main building.

Is there a baby changing room?

A baby changing room is available at the toilets in our main building.

Can I hire a wheelchair or walker?

There is a wheelchair service at the Treetop Walk Alsace wheelchairs and walkers can be borrowed free of charge; please book by telephone. 
Telephone reservations on +33 3 69 50 86 00.

Important information:

• When visitor numbers are particularly high, it is possible that all our wheelchairs and walkers are being used. We thank you for your understanding.

• Please note that a valid photo ID must be left at the ticket office as a deposit.

• You should collect your ID from the ticket office at least 1 hour prior to Closing.

Can I borrow a pushchair or a cart for children?

There are no possibilities to rent pushchairs or handcarts.

FAQ for buying E-Tickets

Where can I get tickets for the treetop walk?

Tickets can be purchased either directly at the treetop walk or in advance in the ticket shop.
Buy your tickets directly online here and save yourself possibly longer waiting times at the ticket office.

How do I book an E-Ticket?

1. Access the ticket shop.

2. Select the ticket type.

3. Select the number of tickets.

4. Select a date.

5. Check your selection and enter your e-mail address.

6. Confirm your order and continue with the payment process.

7. Tickets will be sent to your email address and can then be printed out or shown on your smartphone when you visit.

How do I access the treetop walk with my E-Ticket?

Please look for the "E-Tickets" sign at the ticket office. With your E-Ticket, you can enter the treetop walk directly, without having to wait long at the ticket office.
It is not necessary to exchange it for another ticket. Simply bring your E-Tickets printed out or on your smartphone and scan the QR code directly at the right-hand turnstile.

How do I get through the turnstile with my pram or wheelchair?

Persons with prams and persons in wheelchairs are requested to report to the cashier after scanning.
For barrier-free access, the middle entrance will be opened for you and you can enter the treetop walk without the turnstile barrier.

Do I have to print out my ticket?

No, you don't have to. For the sake of the environment, you can also show your ticket on your smartphone at the turnstile.

How can I print my E-Tickets?

If you would like to print the tickets, you can access your E-Tickets via the "Download tickets" button in the confirmation email.

Is a black and white printout also sufficient?

Yes, it is only important that the QR code is clearly visible. Please make sure that there is enough ink ("toner") in the printer.

Can I combine several E-Tickets on one DIN A4 page?

No, due to the readability of the QR code, each E-Ticket must be printed on a separate DIN A4 page.

Can I also have tickets delivered by post?

No, tickets are only available in digital form as E-Tickets in the ticket shop.

Can I order a gift voucher online?

You can order our gift vouchers here.
You can find more information about buying and redeeming the vouchers here

I have a free ticket for the Treetop Walk Alsace. Can I redeem it in the ticket shop?

Unfortunately, free tickets cannot be redeemed online in the ticket shop, but can only be converted into an admission ticket directly at the ticket offices on the treetop walk.

Can I combine discount promotions with the E-Ticket?

You can only get reduced admission tickets from discount promotions directly at the entrance ticket offices at the treetop walk.

When do I have to order my E-Tickets at the latest so that I receive them in time before my visit to the treetop walk?

You can even order your E-Tickets while still in the queue directly at the trail and show the tickets directly at the turnstile.

How long are the E-Tickets valid?

Our E-Tickets are day-dated and only valid on the selected day of the visit.
Please note the exact
opening hours of the Treetop Walk Alsace .

Can I return my E-Ticket?

Refunds for E-Tickets are not possible.
Please note that your day-dated E-Ticket will expire if you do not redeem it on the date booked!
An exchange to another date is possible at the ticket shop for a fee.

What types of tickets can I order?

In our ticket shop you can purchase day-dated E-Tickets in the categories children, adults, family and concessions (people with disabilities, students 15 and over, university students, seniors, 65+). 
For reduced tickets, please bring your ID with you so that it can be checked on site.

How can I pay?

E-Tickets can be paid for by credit card (Mastercard and VISA), instant bank transfer and PayPal.

Is the E-Ticket transferable?

E-Tickets are transferable within the same category (children, adults, concessions). However, commercial resale is prohibited. 
Of course, each E-Ticket can only be used once.

I am severely disabled and may bring an accompanying person. How do I get a ticket?

An accompanying person for disabled persons with the suffix B in their ID can be booked directly in the ticket shop under the category "Reduced (with B in ID)" free of charge.

What happens if I delete my E-Ticket by mistake or do not receive an e-mail or can no longer find it?

If you have deleted or lost your order confirmation, you can send us an e-mail to  We will be happy to send you the tickets again.

Do I have to expect waiting times at the entrance despite having an E-Ticket?

At weekends and during holidays, you should expect an increased number of visitors and therefore longer waiting times at the entrance.

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